Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Student's Easter Project

Again, I tried something new.  I made homemade paper clay for my Junior High class and made my own sample.  I donated the sample to the school's art auction.  Aren't these fun?!!!

Bless and be blessed!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Pop Art

I delivered this 18"x24" order yesterday with a second one soon to come.  It's handdyed PDF Kaufman Pimatex that I screen printed with my thermofax screen, assembled and mounted. I took his photo into a program to create the image I used to make the screen.

He's going to frame it under glass to protect it from his flying chocolate protein drinks. Not my recommendation but there's truth in his concern.

My school students did this project of themselves but in a single print. Turned out marvelous.

I will be happy to make you custom thermofax screens with any of your images. This year, I'll be expanding into creating a line of my own images for you to choose from, as well.

If you are interested in me creating a Pop Art piece for you, contact me.

Bless and be blessed,

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Current Exhibit I'm In

One more week of a great show with many medias.  I've a sculpture 4 ft tall by 2 ft wide.  Check it out.  Reception July 15, 2016.

 Nan's Beadwork

 Coffee or Tea? 

Family Shots

Let me bore you with a few family shots.

For my oldest daughter's birthday, the boys and I surprised her with her VERY favorite word in art.  Each of her five young boys painted a 5"x5" canvas and a letter.

Hand art.  A blast from the past.

Lake fun

Bless and be blessed!

Indiana Views - God's Art

Though I prefer living in a different climate, Indiana does have beauty.  I snap it.

Bless and be blessed!

His Tag Quilt

Flannel and Mink for the little guy.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

2016 Mother's Day

I am privileged to be the mother of two beautiful daughter's.

I just drove by the 4th Street house where I raised my girls for the first 14 years of their life. I heard it call, 'Mo-ooooooom'. As I looked up its hill, the century old, vacant home came alive again.

I saw my children, my precious daughter's, running through the rooms, giggling, and playing with blocks and dolls on the floor. They were swinging on the playground, riding trikes and eating turtle salad while chatting around the round kitchen table. In that home, BreAunna came into our family, her two year old sissy mothering her with me.

I saw me dancing with them in the livingroom, twirling around. There we were singing songs with cassette tapes and cuddled in reading a book.

In every room and outside I see their friends laughing, cousins and adults teasing, playing, and conversions pass by. Oh, yes, the deck where Imri stinkers as she picks up her crying sister Bre, who wasn't yet walking. Imri giggles. So do I. Eleven years later I belly laugh on that deck watching a requested food-fight birthday party.

The sleepovers, parties, dress up box, holiday family feasts, pillow fights with blacks eyes, loosing teeth, a guardian angel sighting, stiches, and skinned knees, are all crammed into that space. The tears and turmoils and young childhood life, it all was witnessed by those walls and the eyes of my heart.

The days were active with ballet, tap, school and fun. I feel them beside me as we lie in Imri's waterbed reading a favorite book again, night after night, and Bible stories they ask not to end. I see their sweet faces as I stroke their blonde hair as we pray for those we love to be blessed and safe.

Their tiny hands in mine, their chubby arms around my neck, my leg (I called BreAunna my little Klingon), holding tight. I miss that. I begged them to stay little, to not grow up and leave me. Imri cried the day before turning four at the thought of such a thing happening. "I don't wanna grow up and leave you, Mommy." As I comforted her, I wanted to cry knowing that all too soon she would soon welcome that day.

I'm thankful for the privilege of being their mom. I gave it, I gave them my all. I almost didn't have the chance. Fear and physical impairments held it off. I've regrets of over-parenting yet comforted with Christ's forgiveness as He covers it ALL.

Now my girls are women, one a mother with demands much more than I. May they take the good I gave them, heal and grow stronger and sensitive from the hurt they had. Go in Christ and flourish. I'm proud to always and forever love you, special daughters. I'm proud to be your Mom, on Mother's Day and beyond.

Imri Grace and BreAunna Joy.

Revisiting My AFA Grad Celebration

In 2014, I received my AFA as Summa Cum Lade. I enjoyed time with my family. This is after grad and before our great meal. No alcohol is needed for this to happen. The progression tells a story.

Mother's Day 2015

My mom's favorite flower is gracing my doorway with its lovely aroma. Add popcorn with real butter and sewing to the day and it's a triple hitter of memories of Mom.

Now I see her quiet strength and adore her more. But she's gone. I was too busy loving, living, surviving, and conquering my daily life to sit quietly and soak her being in. And she let me. I missed out.

I breathe deep the lilac's scent and think of you Mom. Smiling.

Bless and be blessed,

Saturday, April 9, 2016

First and Last

Only 3 feet tall
maybe 1/2 inch in diameter.
She's the last to loose her leaves,
the first to be in full foliage.
All the while
under the umbrella
of protection,
until her time comes.
He's like that
you know.
He provides an umbrella.
We can choose
to be blessed by it,
by them,
or run out from under.
If we wait,
our time will come,
to umbrella others.
All the while
He offers
a provision
of an Umbrella.
As it is always needed. 

Bless and be blessed!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Another Tag Quilt

12" x 14" with different textures.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Spring Break

This semester I'm teaching a Jr. High art class in a private school, my first of this type. It's another learning experience as I design the curriculum, create Power Points, write handouts, order supplies, and spend time with great kids. In the middle of the semester, my pc crashed. Sheesh. But I'm getting by and praying for a miracle. I like it when they come. Don't you?!

This is spring break and though I'd love to be traveling to some distant land or simply taking in the Van Gosh Exhibit in Chicago, my limitations allow me to sew a little, transplant a couple plants and meet a friend visiting from out of town. I should discipline myself to sew even more but, but, oh I can always find a reason to not tackle my to-do list.

Now if I we're able, I'd scour the quilt stores within a 60 mile radius for fabrics to make a quilt I'd redesign from my gift to myself. Sale: buy 1 get 1 60% off.  Couldn't pass that up with the timing of my modest tax return.
Instead, I enjoyed making a couple tag blankets for the newest baby in the church. They have different textures included in them, made from scraps from a prior baby quilt.

While the fire's hot, I think I'll see if there's more scrap fab to make a pink one.  To make it have a softer drape, I'll substitute a knit fabric for batting. That means a run into town for a heavy knit and ribbons for tags.  Another stop on my errand list.

Someday soon, I'll have my studios out of storage and there will be no more need for fabric/accessory shopping.  No, I've a store within my storage and can't wait to unwrap all is treasures.  Until then, I'm blessed to be able to do a few things, so I smile.

Bless and be blessed,

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Some Quilt Pic - Mine

Pressed for time but want to get some pics of some of the quilts I've made.  Also check TOPICS on the right of many other, many kinds, many sizes. 

Boundary. This piece is displayed at a local college, under Plexiglas, therefore poor pictures.  It's 3 layer that are only connected to the top bar.  All silk and velvet fabrics are my handdyed, except the black silk. I've devored some of the velvet. Aged barbed wire fencing is attached, as well as flexible webbing.  This is one of twenty pieces from each member of our then, newly founded art co-op gallery we formed, Artists' Own.  The gallery is now in it's 16th successful year but I resigned some years ago.

Traditional with batiks, 10 inch blocks. Block of the Month challenge personalizing with batiks. Something inside me insists on customizing every project I do so it won't be just like everyone else's.

Sushi for my daughter, large lap quilt.

Jetsons. This was a Block of the Month challenge personalized with batiks and retro 'Jetsons' looking fabric.  Yet to be quilted.

From my handdyed fabrics.  12"x8" cut and made into luggage tags. 

The Gift Of Listening shown in Chicago and Texas show.
My part of a 4 part collaborative baby quilt. 
More later.
Bless and be blessed!