Sunday, August 13, 2017

In Home Dyeing and Printing

After almost five years, I started to dye, make thermofax screens and print in my home again.  Starting off with some shirts for work.  Yes, I make custom thermofax screens for customers AND I've a line a images to choose from if you haven't yet created your own images.

Bible Markers

I've been using one of these for years.  With five ribbons on one marker, I mark where we are in a group Bible study, in expository Sunday service, and where I am in daily devotions in the Old and New Testament. There is also a Proverb and Psalm a day or Sunday School class that can be marked.

I've sealed the ribbon so they won't fray.  The pleather tab fits in the binding of the Bible.  I make two sizes.  The larger pleather one can be trimmed to fit the between sizes of bindings.  For $3, you'll get more than your moneys' worth.

Stretch Key Ring Bracelets

These babies are great to use as a key ring to keep handy while running errands.  Then you simply clip them to the outside of your purse and never have to dig for your keys again.  I love this device. The cost of materials come close to the cost I'm charging: $20.  Why?   Because people don't like to pay what something's really worth.  My customer's love using these.

Projects from My Jr. High Class

I taught art three semesters to great Junior High Students.  Loved it!  Here are a few things we did.

Dye & Sew
 We did a different dye project for every semester: shirts, fabric for Pop Art, and fabric to sew a pillow case.

Block Carving & Printing
My Sample

Notan Design

Color Mixing and Painting w a Grid

 Paper Beads

Paper Clay & Painting
My Sample

Stamp Making & Printing
After printing, we used the paper for journal covers.

Pop Art