Sunday, August 13, 2017

In Home Dyeing and Printing

After almost five years, I started to dye, make thermofax screens and print in my home again.  Starting off with some shirts for work.  Yes, I make custom thermofax screens for customers AND I've a line a images to choose from if you haven't yet created your own images.

Dyed periwinkle and printed with my business name and Michelangelo's hands.

Bible Markers

I've been using one of these for years.  With five ribbons on one marker, I mark where we are in a group Bible study, in expository Sunday service, and where I am in daily devotions in the Old and New Testament. There is also a Proverb and Psalm a day or Sunday School class that can be marked.

I've sealed the ribbon so they won't fray.  The pleather tab fits in the binding of the Bible.  I make two sizes.  The larger pleather one can be trimmed to fit the between sizes of bindings.  For $3, you'll get more than your moneys' worth.

Stretch Key Ring Bracelets

These babies are great to use as a key ring to keep handy while running errands.  Then you simply clip them to the outside of your purse and never have to dig for your keys again.  I love this device. The cost of materials come close to the cost I'm charging: $20.  Why?   Because people don't like to pay what something's really worth.  My customer's love using these.

Projects from My Jr. High Class

I taught art three semesters to great Junior High Students.  Loved it!  Here are a few things we did.

Dye & Sew
 We did a different dye project for every semester: shirts, fabric for Pop Art, and fabric to sew a pillow case.

Block Carving & Printing
My Sample

Notan Design

Color Mixing and Painting w a Grid

 Paper Beads

Paper Clay & Painting
My Sample

Stamp Making & Printing
After printing, we used the paper for journal covers.

Pop Art