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Custom Thermofax Screen Service INFORMATION

Custom Thermofax Screen Info & Order Sheet

Hello art enthusiast.

Take advantage of my lowered prices.

Screening is an awesome adventure. Thermofax screens are fun and affordable.  You can screen on fabric, paper, polymer clay, wonder under, wood, leather…  You can screen with thickened dyes, inks, decolor agents, and paints of many kinds.

Thermofax screens give you a couple options you won’t get with most other silk screens. With thermo screens you can flip them over for a reverse image, they store compactly, and you can use bleach products with them for decoloring.  They are lightweight and easy to use.  They are more economical than other silk screens, too.

Thermofax screens are considered a temporary screen with more than a hundred pulls. I’ve only remade one image. If you find you want to use an image more, you can either have another thermo screen made or be secure that making the image into a photo emulsion screen will be worth the effort.

I provide a custom order service for thermofax screens. You have two options in which to do this:
     1.  I've made and sent hundreds of screen with this option.  I want my customers to be 100% satisfied with their screens, I've request hard copies of the EXACT image(s) be mailed to me. You are the artist/designer and what you send me is what you will receive back in a screen. I alter nothing; size or anything else.  I return to you a framed screen within the next business day of receiving your order with info on how to care for thermo screens.

     2.  You are welcome to email me your PFD images (not jpg), I'll invoice you via PayPal and make/mail you your screens after receiving confirmation of payment.  I don't know that it speeds up anything but it's a working system.

Although I get your screens back in the mail the next business day, allow two weeks travel time from you to me and back to you. Doubtful it will take that long but plan ahead and get a happy surprise in the mail early than the stress of yesterday's deadline. Don't ask me how I know about waiting to the last minute, I'm just saying...

- - - - -
Complete screen service is normally requested, which includes your image on the film, mounted and framed, ready to use. You may request your image on the film unmounted to 'frame' yourself as you desire. 

You, too, can be on your way to many fun hours of play and expanded art.  Here's how:

1. I have created the Image Allowance Sheet that I can email you. It has the boundaries to work within for three sizes of framed screens. You can enlarge or reduce your image to fit within the desired frame.

If you are in immediate need of boundaries, stay within these:

for Images
to fit in frame
Film Size

9½” x 7”
11 ½  x 9
10½”  x 7¾”
13½” x 11 ¼”
7” x 3¾”
9 x 5 ¾
7½”  x 4 7/8”
10½” x 8”
4” x 2¾”
5 ¾ x 4 ½
4 7/8” x 3¾”
8” x 4 7/8”
If your image pushes the boundaries, go up to the next size of screen so you can have a well (room to put your medium before spreading).

If you want your image larger than the above measurements and are mounting the screened image yourself, you have 10 inches of width and no limit to length. Contact me for length cost.

2. Gray tones won’t produce an exact representation of your image.  That may prove interesting, though.  If you want an exact image for your screen, it needs to be only black and white. Send a clean copy of your image. Any stray ink will show on the finished screen so use a white liquid correction pen to clean up unwanted marks/dots. 

NOTE here that I will return the exact size of imaged screen of the image you send me.  I do not alter your design in any way as you are the artist and in total control of your image.

3. Number the image, on the back with an ink pen, not a pencil.

4. Email Bobbie for the address in which to mail your images along with the following form and a check.


Order Form:  
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Complete screen service is normally requested, but partial is available.

$9 Quarter Complete
Imaged Film  $4
Frame  $2
$12 Half Complete
Imaged Film  $6
Frame  $3
$16 Full Complete
Imaged Film  $8
Frame  $5
   Circle  size & service  for each image                     Cost
Image 1  Full   Half   Quarter    Complete  or  Imaged Film    ________
Image 2  Full   Half   Quarter    Complete  or  Imaged Film    ________
Image 3  Full   Half   Quarter    Complete  or  Imaged Film    ________
Image 4  Full   Half   Quarter    Complete  or  Imaged Film    ________
Image 5  Full   Half   Quarter    Complete  or  Imaged Film    ________
Image 6  Full   Half   Quarter    Complete  or  Imaged Film    ________
Image 7  Full   Half   Quarter    Complete  or  Imaged Film    ________
Image 8  Full   Half   Quarter    Complete  or  Imaged Film    ________
Shipping – Indiana - 10% of Total Cost of order or $3 minimum 
               – Outside Indiana - 15% of Total Cost of order or $4 minimum
                                                                           Sub-Total          ________                                                                            Shipping           ________                                                                   Total Enclosed    _____

Have you?
 Sized image   Clean image   Numbered images 
 Completed form   Included check and images
Please feel free to contact me with questions.  I JUST loooove helping people enjoy their art.
Touch of The Master's Hand                Bobbie Vance
Happy Creating!

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