Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Some Quilt Pic - Mine

Pressed for time but want to get some pics of some of the quilts I've made.  Also check TOPICS on the right of many other, many kinds, many sizes. 

Boundary. This piece is displayed at a local college, under Plexiglas, therefore poor pictures.  It's 3 layer that are only connected to the top bar.  All silk and velvet fabrics are my handdyed, except the black silk. I've devored some of the velvet. Aged barbed wire fencing is attached, as well as flexible webbing.  This is one of twenty pieces from each member of our then, newly founded art co-op gallery we formed, Artists' Own.  The gallery is now in it's 16th successful year but I resigned some years ago.

Traditional with batiks, 10 inch blocks. Block of the Month challenge personalizing with batiks. Something inside me insists on customizing every project I do so it won't be just like everyone else's.

Sushi for my daughter, large lap quilt.

Jetsons. This was a Block of the Month challenge personalized with batiks and retro 'Jetsons' looking fabric.  Yet to be quilted.

From my handdyed fabrics.  12"x8" cut and made into luggage tags. 

The Gift Of Listening shown in Chicago and Texas show.
My part of a 4 part collaborative baby quilt. 
More later.
Bless and be blessed!

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