Thursday, March 24, 2016

Spring Break

This semester I'm teaching a Jr. High art class in a private school, my first of this type. It's another learning experience as I design the curriculum, create Power Points, write handouts, order supplies, and spend time with great kids. In the middle of the semester, my pc crashed. Sheesh. But I'm getting by and praying for a miracle. I like it when they come. Don't you?!

This is spring break and though I'd love to be traveling to some distant land or simply taking in the Van Gosh Exhibit in Chicago, my limitations allow me to sew a little, transplant a couple plants and meet a friend visiting from out of town. I should discipline myself to sew even more but, but, oh I can always find a reason to not tackle my to-do list.

Now if I we're able, I'd scour the quilt stores within a 60 mile radius for fabrics to make a quilt I'd redesign from my gift to myself. Sale: buy 1 get 1 60% off.  Couldn't pass that up with the timing of my modest tax return.
Instead, I enjoyed making a couple tag blankets for the newest baby in the church. They have different textures included in them, made from scraps from a prior baby quilt.

While the fire's hot, I think I'll see if there's more scrap fab to make a pink one.  To make it have a softer drape, I'll substitute a knit fabric for batting. That means a run into town for a heavy knit and ribbons for tags.  Another stop on my errand list.

Someday soon, I'll have my studios out of storage and there will be no more need for fabric/accessory shopping.  No, I've a store within my storage and can't wait to unwrap all is treasures.  Until then, I'm blessed to be able to do a few things, so I smile.

Bless and be blessed,

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